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What is Core Clearing?

Core Clearing is a process of using psychic perception and energetic tones and chanting etc... to quickly locate and clear any sub/unconscious interferences in your life patterns without force but through proven method of Energetic Intentional Forgiveness.
When these patterns are cleared at their source, you are naturally freed up to be more your Authentic Self without the confusion or conflict.  

Health, Happiness and Well Being is what's left when the distortions are removed, so healing is the process of identifying then releasing any patterns of beliefs, feelings, thoughts, traumatic events and perceptions that are veiling the Truth of who and what we fundamentally are.

All work is successfully done via remote over the phone. 

Most clients do feel and experience the shifts taking

place during the session.

About Tom Swindell


With decades of extensive inner personal work and training, Tom Swindell has effectively worked with thousands of people of numerous ages and situations for over 30 years.

As Tom enters the zero point and opens to what is simply present within the clients system.  He uses his psychic and empathic abilities to track energy patterns, then is guid
ed every step of the way by the clients "Total Self" in clearing them.


The Total Self knows exactly what is in the highest good to serve the clients needs and how to gently remove the obstacles that are no longer needed while balancing, energizing and expanding the clients over all well being.


We work together at energetic  levels in the realms of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields.  Although this work is very direct and quick, it it also a very non-evasive gentle approach to releasing any unwanted or no longer needed patterns. 


Tom is also a ordained minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery



I've worked with Tom over the years and am continuously blown away by his kind, gentle and yet razor sharp accuracy when zeroing in on key areas of emotional trauma in my life, and working with me to release it and to recalibrate my viewpoint to one without fear.  

I witnessed Tom release my husband from his debilitating fear of dogs in less than an hour, a story my husband loves to tell to those suffering the same trauma, or to anyone who will listen!  There isn better choice for a compassionate and skilled (energy) healer than Tom.  


~Tina Landrum~ TCT, Reiki Practitioner, founder of Light Body Crystal Elixirs.  Santa Clarita CA

Tom sees what I can't see in myself with precision and clarity. Whatever blocks that I carry or holding patterns that keep me stuck, physically, spiritually and emotionally, he uncovers with ease.  He then holds it with grace and guides me through a simple process that takes all the charge out of it and dissipates it.  I have been receiving his work for over a year and I have integrated and transformed such that I am showing up for myself and my life in ways I never thought possible. Tom is a true healing guide.


~Gwen Jensen~ Founder of Kundilini Song  Sebastopol CA

"So many people are offering healing services . . . but I find it is rare to find a genuine healer. This is Tom Swindell. He sees energy patters with profound precision and communicates them with pure love. His sessions opened me to experience my true nature . . . an experience so unexpected I did not even have a word for it at the time . . . now I know the word is bliss. My life today is full of flow, ease, grace, joy, connection and love. I have benefited from Tom's work for over 10 years and sent many, many people to him. Each one agrees with me. Simply, Tom is the real deal and you will know it immediately for yourself when you work with him."  ~Tracy~ Salt Lake City UT


Tom’s gifts of insight, intuition and deep sensitivity are matched by his honesty and humility. From my first session with Tom, I felt totally at peace and in the company of a certain genius that defies description. It is clear that Tom’s purpose is to share with others the blessings of these gifts. Many thanks, Tom!


~Jeffery~ Salt lake City UT

Thank you so much for the release and ease that you have brought to my heart with your tremondous gift,  I will forever be changes.  Please continue to grace the world with your presence and abilities.  Namaste


~Jessica~  Santa Clarita CA

My experience of Tom's work has had a profound effect on my life. In a very short time he is able to identify conflicting energies and clear them from my field. His work goes to the core of an issue and it amazes me how accurate it is. He is a blessing in my life. 

~Deena~  Sebastopol CA 

Doing a remote energy session with Tom is truly a Core Clearing. I have worked with Tom on many different occasions over the years, and each and EVERY time, I have experienced a return to the Truth of my Core Nature.

I cannot say enough about how much this energy clearing work has helped me to navigate my life experience within the space of Grace and ease. 

It is as if everything that was hanging around, convoluting my experience of my Core Self, arose to be seen, Witnessed.....and then just MOVED ON ~*~ leaving me to experience the Peace, Love and  s p a c i o u s n e s s  that was always here ~ and truly me (!!!) underneath the discomfort and often tormented patterns of thought/action. Effortlessly.

I Am Eternally Grateful for Core Clearing and for Tom's impeccable sensitivities and Clarity of energetic focus ~ and GRATEFUL for the many guided returns back to the TRUTH of mySelf.


Autumn W.  Salt Lake City UT

My first introduction to energy healing work was with Tom.  In our first session, he told me things that were going on in my system that I had never shared with anyone. As he made tones and did the forgiveness affirmations with me to clear my energy field, I thought I was in some wild sc-fi movie.  I began to cough at times and cry at others.  When our session was finished I felt much lighter and happier.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed or can't quite get things together I look to Tom for a session.  He's easy to talk to and trust in order to open up and let go of whatever it is holding me in a state of dis-ease...  I highly recommend Tom to anyone looking to find the truth of that which ails them, and the willingness to let it go. 

~Seve~  Gualala CA

I seek a session with Tom whenever I feel that I am not able to move forward through a given experience/process/circumstance, i.e. I am stuck or fully in it!  I do not seek his assistance lightly as I know I will be changed whenever I get on his table.  

His clear ‘Sight’ and generous framing of what he finds helps me feel safe and seen during our times together.  The method he employs seems so simple, forgiveness, yet mountains move, perceptions shift and I have a greater sense of congruency, wholeness and peace after our times together.  This is not an occasional experience I have working with Tom, it is an every time, consistent outcome!  That is why I make sure I am ready to be different in my life and in myself before I seek his assistance, because assuredly I will be!  

I am deeply grateful for all that he has helped me move through so that I can stand here and be who I am in my life now!  

~KimJoy~  Sebastopol CA

"I really enjoyed my session with Tom. He has a deep intuitive sense and a warm, comforting presence. In the work that we did together he was clear, joyful, nonjudgmental and specific. He was able to identify some past life behaviors that I’ve continued to carry with me into present life that have been limiting and exhausting me. Tom, in his heart-felt and direct way expressed in no uncertain terms that that work is done. He assured me that I can let go of it now and can allow my gifts to flow and to receive all the abundance, joy and love that is here for me. "


~Kashi Ananda~   Sebastopol, CA

Yogini, Owner Devi Yoga Center

For Tom

By Rosa Reinikainen


Sitting in the subtle body, asking, asking

He gently, patiently meets me at my edges

Palpating my grief, my trauma, my loneliness, my rage

Feeling around for my psychic scars,

He holds me with tenderness,

With curiosity,

With faith in the healing…

With faith in forgiveness,

With faith in me,

The places that let go leave spaciousness

Filled up with divine me-ness

The spaces that felt blocked, felt stuck…

Are freed and open.

Constrictions moved swiftly out beyond 

to be recycled, renewed. 

Pain rebirthed as ecstatic love.


Working with Tom over several years has transformed my life, and my experience of it, in the most profound, beautiful way.  His work hs opened me to deeper love, grace, and flow  with my family, friendships, and in my career.  In a session with Tom, he goes deep into the energy body and works with you to lear old energy, emotion, and ideast that block the truest and highest expression of ourselves.  Tom does this healing with good humaor, compassion, and stunning acuity.  I've referred many friends to Tom over the years and don't know of one who wasn't profoundly impacted by his work.  I can't recommend Tom highly enough!

~Jennifer~ San Fransico CA


Tom has supported me for many years and I consider work with him to be a lifeline. His Core Clearing process is reliable and helpful for me beyond any other tool I know of, especially throughout moments when I have felt stuck or have been struggling. 


Core Remembrance work with him is now opening me more to the truth of who I am. I am becoming more clear, consolidated, and connected, and I feel very cared for by Tom throughout the journey. 

Deep gratitude for Tom and his capacities for helping and healing! 

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