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Free Healing Meditations

The "It's Okay" Series

The "it's Okay Series" is specifically created with the term "okay" Using this term allows the desired intention to drift easily and softly under and through the radar of the polarities of our egoic mind. There is nothing to compare, resist, push up against or struggle for. The term simply gives your inner mind  permission to allow everything to just happen due to it's absence of a value judgement of being better or worst than anything else.  It's simply Okay!


Healing the Inner Child Healing Ourselves

I learned about this working with one of my clients.

What we give to our inner child we do give to ourselves.  For instance...When you give your younger self an experience/pattern of being seen, being heard, being committed to, getting what it wants.  It translates over to the present time adult or teenage self.


The more time you spend with your inner child in these nurturing these qualities, the quicker your present life can reflect what you child learned through the experience of being with you.

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