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It is a simple process of connecting with our own wanting, which is where our interest focus and energy exist now.  Once that has been istablished,  it is then released to the totality of our Self which is "literally" the rest of exsitence itself.

By releasing our wanting to the totality, we take the burdon off our little idea of ourselves which is our present identiy and beggin to bridge the gap between the illusionary idea of ourself to the Truth of what we actually are which as mentioned before, The Totality of All that Is without exception.  This is the pinnicale of what healing is truely all about, The remeberence of our True nature as we have always been, are now (though obscured by ideas of what we think we are and what we are trying to be)


It's important that we do start from where we are now because that is where all the energy is.  Whatever we beleive we are, we are completely invested in it.


This simple process builds the bridge and closes the gap as we practice it each day and seee the amazing results from relying our our little seperate lacking idea of self and lean into little by little creating a relainnce on what we actually are, which is the Totality of All of Existence. In Truth, there is no other.

What is Healing through Wanting?

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