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Core Remembrance

The Core Remembrance work takes the Core Clearing work to the next level.  We will use whatever is happening in your life and deep in your energy field to bring your conscious mind into alignment with the very Truth of what you have always been, are now, and will always be.  Out of site simply because we got distracted and forgot about it.  It has nothing to do with earning it, being more worthy, good enough or pleasing anything outside yourself to receive it.  You just have to want it, clear everything that's in the way out of the way, remember it and simply accept it.


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It doesn't require you to change anything in your outside life although it will change your relationship with everything that seems out there.  It's a total inside job!

This level of healing will ripple out and effect every aspect of your life naturally and harmoniously by it's simple nature.

You will make contact with the direct experience of everything you have ever hoped you would find "out there" in life and come to a full realization that it's already yours, has always been yours and will always be yours.

Feelings of True safety, peace, love and happiness are all yours for the remembering.


We, together with the "Healing Field" will discovery, release and clear whatever is in the way of the simply Truth of you and everything else through sound frequencies, Intentional Forgiveness and helpful information that are designed and in alignment with where you are at this moment to help collapse time and make relevant shifts of consciousness from confusion to certainty.

The gap that was never there closes and disappears and you have simply come home to your Self through "your own" direct experience.

This speed of which you want to move is entirely up to you.  Each session will cause huge clearings and we can go as fast as you can assimilate the clearings after each session.

The format is similar to the Core Clearing work but the goal is to go all the way.

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